Criteria For Choosing A Cleaning Company

Choosing a professional cleaning company can seem complicated. To ensure the regular maintenance of business premises, companies want a priori what is best. The cleanliness of the premises of a company has a direct impact on the image it conveys to its visitors. But that’s not all, and a clean work environment is also an essential factor for employees. The cleanliness and hygiene of the premises will influence their state of health and motivation at work. Finally, these regularly and adequately cleaned will require less maintenance. When choosing your office cleaning company, it is essential not to be mistaken. The consequences are sometimes more impacting than we think.

The criterion of choice n ° 1: the price

All studies on the subject follow and are similar. Companies generally place the “price” criterion at No. 1 in choosing a cleaning company because of increasingly limited operating budgets. But be careful, choosing the lowest-priced company is not always a good idea. Knowing that the cost of labor represents between 85 and 90% of the turnover of the sector, wanting to pull prices down can quickly lead to illegal practices: nonpayment of social contributions, inadequate remuneration of agents of cleanliness, lack of investment in training …

A company using a service provider below the market price will quickly realize its error: quality performance below expectations, degradation of the visual appearance of the premises and therefore the image of the company, deterioration of the equipment used for cleaning, excessive rotation of cleaning agents …

If competing cleaning companies is useful, it is not advisable to bet everything on the tariff. Other criteria must be taken into account.

Choosing a local cleaning company

As we have just seen, the cost of labor is the most significant part of a cleaning company’s tariff. But this overall cost caches other, less visible, including transportation costs. Indeed, even if a cleaning company does not show line “travel expenses” on your quote, it is an element that will take into account when calculating its costs and offer you a rate.

Reducing the transport time of a cleaning officer who will operate in your offices is mutually beneficial. The cleaning officer will appreciate not spending several hours a day traveling, and his motivation to work will suffer. For you, in addition to the economy you achieve by focusing on local business, you will be assured of more excellent responsiveness.

Choose a cleaning company with experience in your industry

This is not a necessary choice criterion. But it is better to retain a cleaning company already operating in a sector of activity close to yours. The start of the mission will only be faster and more efficient. A cleaning company with experience in your field will offer you solutions adapted to your constraints.

If your activity imposes particular constraints, the cleaners must be trained to respect strict procedures in their work. This is, for example, the case of a laboratory or a company holding sensitive information. Neglecting this aspect could put your business in a very uncomfortable situation. Do not hesitate to ask for references before committing yourself.

Experienced and regularly trained cleaning staff

The training will promote staff efficiency . Especially if it is a sensitive or highly specialized sector. When comparing the proposals, it is therefore very relevant to check whether the training is part of the culture of the companies that responded to your call for tenders. By focusing on training and skills upgrading, a cleaning company will attract more quality residential cleaners. On the other hand, it will retain its staff which will ensure a low turnover rate for a domestic cleaning service.

On the other hand, the equipment and cleaning products used continually evolving; it is essential to ensure that the staff assigned to the cleaning of your premises will be regularly trained, throughout its mission. This process of continuous improvement will guarantee you always to obtain quality services, respecting the latest standards in terms of health and safety.

A serious prior study before any quote

When it comes to cleaning professional premises, the devil is in the details. To establish a proposal at the right price, but above all perfectly suited to the needs of your business, a cleaning company must take into account many criteria. Among others: surfaces to maintain, the frequency of interventions, the nature of coatings, accessibility schedules, space requirements, and furniture …

Indeed, it is this visit that will allow determining precisely your needs. It is, therefore, better to be wary of quotations established without moving the provider. Or audits of your premises too approximate. These practices will inevitably affect the quality of cleaning your premises. Once the contract is signed, you will notice the gap between your expectations and the services provided.

Choosing a cleaning company that saves you time

Choose a cleaning company to save time for many companies; the issue of cleaning is a time- consuming issue when it is managed internally. On the contrary, choosing a quality cleaning company will relieve you of this problem. So you can focus on your business. Better, you will convey a positive image to your visitors and your staff.

Moreover, it is now proven that employee productivity is better in a clean and healthy environment. The working atmosphere is also linked to the quality of cleaning. Entrusting the cleaning to a company able to adapt to your constraints and anticipate your needs will save you time. Offering you the right time to renovate the floor of your lobby, or cleaning your windows, is another way to be effective.